3 Maelang Island in Bolaang Mongodow Regency, North Sulawesi Province

For those visiting Tomohon City, they must not forget to come to Maelang Village and reach 3 Maelang Island. The purpose is to enjoy another adventure and island hopping. The location is in Bolaang Mongodow Regency and it resides in Sangtombolang Sub-District. So, what makes it special? As the name suggests, tourists can find 3 islands located near to each other. Now wonder, tourists can conduct island hopping and exploration. Some tourists even take advantage of the location to enjoy fishing and water sports like swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

The Nuance
The first noticeable allure in 3 Maelang Island is definitely the white sandy shoreline. It comes with a clean environment and clear seawater. No wonder, people really enjoy beach walking and doing water sports there. When it comes to underwater scenery, tourists can see beautiful corals and various exotic fishes. What about the size? Those islands are small and covered by lush green trees. Another impressive feature is the fresh and soothing air that helps visitors to relax to their heart’s content. Well, some people may ask regarding the transportation. Even though there is no official boat service, tourists can ride a local fisherman’s boat by paying some money.

Exploring 3 Maelang Island
Even though not all tourists have heard about 3 Maelang Island, almost everyone is interested in visiting it someday. As mentioned earlier, tourists are able to visit three different islands at once there. It is because those islands are located close to each other, which is about 100 meters apart. That means it is easy to visit them all, as long tourists find a reliable boat service beforehand. So, aside from island hopping, what can people do once they arrive at the site?

Once arriving at the main island, tourists can directly enjoy beach walking. Thanks to the beautiful white shoreline that surround the islands. It even comes with a soft texture, so tourists can walk on it comfortably (even barefoot)! As for the tip, everyone should carry a camera while beach walking. It is because no one wants to miss the chance to take photos of such astonishing panorama, right?

Another thing to do in 3 Maelang Island is water sports, especially swimming and snorkeling. The sloping shore and crystal clear seawater help tourists to enjoy snorkeling well, without a doubt. The fact is many corals and exotic tropical fishes can be seen clearly down there. What tourists need to prepare are the snorkeling gear and a local instructor. They need to find the best spot to get in the water, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from the capital of North Sulawesi Province, they can directly head to the destination by any local transportation service. The distance is 275 km, so it may take around 6 hours and 12 minutes to get there. As for the best route, it is definitely Trans Sulawesi Street. Once arriving at Maelang Village, it involves a boat ride in order to get to the island. Thus, make sure to prepare some money to get the service.

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  • Atlantic Hotel
  • Totabuan Hotel

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