Kali Waterfall in Tomohon City, North Sulawesi Province

For those who love trekking and exploration, they must consider visiting a stunning vacation destination like Kali Waterfall in Tomohon City. As the name suggests, the location is in Kali Village and it belongs to Pineleng Sub-District. The good thing is tourists need to conduct a short trekking to get to the site. This gives them the time to enjoy the nature and explore the location in an opportunity to enjoy photography. Not to mention the location is near to the famous national hero’s tomb (Tuanku Imam Bonjol). As for the tourist activities, visitors can enjoy sightseeing, trekking, and playing water.

The Nuance
For the information, Kali Waterfall is located in the midst of a forest. That means this Indonesia site provides both serene and refreshing atmosphere. The unique part is the waterfall has two water discharges, with different density. One of them is quite strong, while another is smaller. Despite the difference, visitors are likely to get wet if they get near to the waterfall. According to the locals, the water comes from Kinilow Mountains and it feels so rejuvenating especially in the morning. Another recognizable feature is the presence of a small bridge that connects both sides of the site. Somehow, it becomes the best spot to take photos!

Exploring Kali Waterfall
A trip to Kali Waterfall gives a new experience to everyone. It is because tourists need to pass through a forest with dense tall trees. Somehow, it is suitable for trekkers and nature lovers! As for the route, it features winding and steep tracks so tourists must be careful. Once arriving at Kali Village, the real adventure begins! It is because tourists should spend some time (approximately 21 minutes) to get to the waterfall by trekking. When it comes to direction, they can ask the locals about it.

While getting near to Kali Waterfall, tourists may see several buildings used as restroom or toilets. Thus, they change clothes there before playing water later. Once arriving at the site, the sound of gurgling water and a beautiful waterfall welcome everyone. Not to mention the nuance feels quite peaceful there. Located near to the waterfall, a small bridge resides that tourists can use for photography and sightseeing. The size is quite small, though, so everyone needs to take a turn to get on it.

One important thing, Kali Waterfall has a nice popularity. That means always gets visitors regardless of the time, even during working days! After all, the location is near to a local settlement so it offers a nice accessibility. Plus, the locals are ready to help tourists regarding the direction and other necessities like foods and shelters.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Manado City and Kali Waterfall is only 12.2 km. That means the trip would take only 31 minutes! It can even be faster if tourists take Pineleng-Kali Street. After arriving at Pineleng Sub-District, they can reach the village immediately by available transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Terros Inn
  • Mountain View Resort

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