Visiting Taman Kota in Tomohon City, North Sulawesi Province

Spending a vacation in Tomohon City doesn’t have to be expensive and tiring. It is because tourists can simply visit a recreational area like Taman Kota or City Park. The location is in the midst of the city, so everyone doesn’t need to spend much money to get there. To be exact, the location is in Paslaten Satu Village and it belongs to East Tomohon Sub-District. The local government decided to build the park to facilitate visitors, especially to enjoy relaxation and sports. The locals also use the site to conduct art performances and exhibitions during special occasions.

The Nuance
Like other parks, Taman Kota offers a pristine and clean environment. No wonder, visitors would feel comfortable when spending some time there. When it comes to the size, the park is considered moderate as it is able to accommodate lots of people during a special event. For the information, there is even a museum located near to the park. It becomes a special allure, which tourists can explore later. The thing is visitors should pay some fee in order to enter the museum. Have no worries. The fee is quite affordable.

Exploring Visiting Taman Kota
Well, the prime concept is simplicity and serenity. No wonder, most visitors take advantage of the nuance to rest and relax after work. These people are nearby citizens who want to eradicate stresses and boredom due to a hectic working activity. The good thing is they do not need to come in a group, so they can make use of the perfect serenity for lessening. For those who look for a merrier nuance, though, they must come during weekends or holidays when many people come to the park (especially local families).

The next allure in Tohomon Taman Kota is the majestic view of Lokon Mountain. It is true tourists are able to witness such grandiose clearly from the park. As long as there is no fog, the mountain appears perfectly. It even gives them the chance to take photos of it! No wonder, photography is also popular among visitors. What is more? Aside from sightseeing and relaxation, people come to Tomohon City Park to enjoy sports especially jogging. In this case, the best time to come is in the morning when the nuance is peaceful and the air is the freshest.

Another common activity that tourists often do in Taman Kota is to watch art performances done by the management and local teenagers. However, these events don’t happen every day so tourists must find the exact schedule first before visiting the park.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Manado City (the capital of North Sulawesi Province) and Tohomon City Park is 24.9 km. That means tourists need to spend about 48 minutes to get to the location. What they need to do is to get to East Tomohon Sub-District and head to Paslaten Satu Village where the park resides. As for the fastest route, it is recommended to take Raya Manado Tomohon Street.

Where to Stay

  • Leos Hotel
  • Mandey Inn
  • Candlenut Treehouse
  • Airy Hotel

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