Tincep Village in Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province

After exploring Tomohon City, tourists should consider visiting an interesting vacation spot called Tincep Village. The location is in Sonder Sub-District and it resides in Minahasa Regency. Despite the small size, the village offers more than tourists may expect. For example, visitors may find the famous flower market where they can either watch or buy various stunning flowers. The next thing offered by the site is the pristine environment and breathtaking panorama. Thus, the village is suitable to enjoy sightseeing, photography, and relaxation. It even replaces trekking or hiking!

The Nuance
Once getting near to Tincep Village, tourists may see lots of flowers grown on villagers’ yard. They are both beautiful and colorful, so tourists’ trip won’t be bored at all. Not to mention many terraced local farms reside on the roadside, emitting a soothing vibe and refreshing atmosphere. The presence of those farms indicates that many locals work as a farmer and they live traditionally. The good thing is tourists have the chance to explore the farms later and watch local farmers working in their field.

Exploring Tincep Village
The first thing to do when visiting Tincep Village is to drop by at nearby flower fields and get some of those flowers. Even though it costs money to buy the flowers, it is definitely a worthy expense. Moreover, those flowers become a perfect souvenir to bring back home. Tourists can also learn how to cultivate them from the locals. It is a new experience for most people, especially for those who never cultivate flowers before. In this case, families should also come with their kids in order to teach them such valuable knowledge.

The next allure in Tincep Village is the presence of a stunning waterfall. It shares the same name, which is Tincep Waterfall. The thing is tourists should undergo a challenging route in order to get to the location. Not only the route is steep, but it also resides on the edge of a valley. Thus, everyone should be careful when heading to the site. It is located on 600 meters above the sea level, so the nuance feels relaxing though.

Another recommended thing to do in Tincep Village is to visit a neighboring village called Timbukar where tourists can enjoy a challenging activity like rafting. Even though not all people love this risky sport, they must try it someday. After all, the management provides an excellent service to ensure the safety of tourists. Plus, it doesn’t cost much money because other members may chip in to pay the service.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tumimperas Waterfall
  • Tondano Mountain
  • Toar Lumimuut Tourist Site

How to Get There
The distance between Manado City (the capital of North Sulawesi Province) and Tincep Village is 42.6 km. That means a trip may take around 1 hour and 22 minutes. As for the fastest route, it is recommended to take Raya Manado Tomohon Street and use Kawangkoan – Tomohon Street afterward. Also, tourists should only use the best transportation service to get to the location.

Where to Stay

  • Greenlake Bungalow
  • Miracle Homestay

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