Buddhayana Vihara in Tomohon City, North Sulawesi Province

Just because Tomohon City is dominant with the Chinese culture, doesn’t mean tourists can’t find other beliefs there. For instance, there is the famous Buddhayana Vihara! The location is in Kakaskasen Tiga Village and it belongs to Tomohon Utara Sub-District. It indeed becomes the worshipping place for the Indonesian local Buddha despite the majority of the Christians. It is a good thing, though. The presence of the vihara tells that Tomohon people live harmoniously regardless of the difference of belief. In terms of tourism, in fact, the vihara also attracts many people especially those who want to enjoy photography and exploration.

The Nuance
Once entering the gate of Buddhayana Vihara, tourists can see 18 statues of Arhats. These represent the Buddha’s followers called “Delapan Belas Jalan”. For further information regarding the name of the members, tourists can ask the keeper or local guide later. What about the nuance? Well, during working days, it looks so peaceful due to the low number of visitors. On the other hand, the site becomes crowded during big days of Buddha. At the time, many worshippers come to the vihara and conduct a ceremony there. The good thing is tourists are allowed to enter the vihara regardless of the religion.

Exploring Buddhayana Vihara
From the outside, Buddhayana Vihara looks majestic with its unique shape. The building consists of 8 levels and it is accessible for everyone regardless of the region. Located in front of the pagoda, tourists may find a pond ornamented with a golden colored dragon statue. Moreover, the site also features some cute animals especially deer. Tourists are allowed to approach the animals and even feed them, in fact.

The next allure is the presence of a small palace called Istana Kwan Im. The building has a pink color, so it looks so unique and attractive. No wonder, many people use the often take photos in front of the palace. Located near to the building, there is also a structure having the shape of a combination of a dragon and giant toad. In front of it, a fountain resides. It is said the fountain brings people luck if they throw a coin in it. Though, they need to pray in order to get blessed.

What is more? The next reason why many tourists are interested to visit Buddhayana Vihara is the fact that the site offers stunning natural scenery. From the site, tourists are able to see a mountainous panorama (which is suitable for photography). In this case, tourists should not forget to carry a camera so they can collect some photos during the visit. Have no worries. There is no fee to use the camera!

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How to Get There
From Manado City, a trip to Buddhayana Vihara may take around 44 minutes. It is because the distance is 22.8 km. Have no worries. The trip becomes faster if they take Raya Manado Street. Once arriving at Tomohon Utara Sub-District, tourists only need to reach Kakaskasen Tiga Village where the vihara resides.

Where to Stay

  • Gardenia Country Inn
  • Lokon Inn
  • Jhoanie Hotel

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